Industry leadinG Tech

Our technical team has been vetted by some of the best entrepreneurs in the world. We are dedicated to using the latest technology stacks to ensure that we are providing the highest quality solutions that will be scalable and cost effective for your company to maintain.

What we Provide:

A world-class team that has the domain expertise & track record to bring your product to market in as little as
3 to 6 months.

  • We provide you with world-class User Interface & User Experience (UI/UX) fully customized to meet your guidelines.

  • We harness the power of Heroku, Postgres, & Ruby on Rails to provide instant scalability to your platform.

  • We incorporate cost effective third-party frameworks necessary to save you money in the short & long-term, like our use of OneSignal for totally customizable push notifications at zero cost.

  • Ability to track new key sales KPIs, while giving your sales teams the foresight to identify and overcome individual customer pain points and objections.

  • Track customers’ social sharing & provide incentives to share.

  • All of the valuable data gathered about your employees and/or customers will be easily accessible on your customized administration panel, giving you the ability to cater to their individual preferences.

  • You will have multiple sign-on options to choose from, including everything from your company's usernames & passwords to social sign-on with LinkedIn.

  • Ability to market directly to your customers & engage them instantly at anytime & in any location.

  • Ability for customers to communicate directly with your customer service & social media teams.

  • Give your customers experiences with other people who share their interests.

  • Display all social sharing related to your company within your app to show your products or services in use.